Introducing Our New Class of 1965 Website

Thanks to considerable research, efforts and time by Lyndon Wilkes, our new website has been created with a new web host and software and is now current.  With support from April Works, who maintains our class contact information, the website is easy to use and will be frequently updated to provide information on our reunion planning, a list of our classmates, FOUND, MISSING or DECEASED (under Status tab), our yearbook graduation photos, and other pics of previous reunions.  We hope you will use the website often to keep Lyndon updated on your contact information, especially email and cell phone.  Any personal information you send via the website, other than your name, remains confidential.  We also want you to help us locate the people who remain ‘MISSING’ and if anyone wants to start a blog, please do.
We look forward to receiving your ideas on activities for our reunion weekend by using that same Contact page.  So far we are considering a Meet & Greet Friday night at the bar of the Hilton Gardens, on Saturday choices of a football game (if it is at home), a tour of Lexington & the High School and a golf game.  The reunion will take place on Saturday evening, October 3, 2015 at the Hilton Gardens Hotel in Burlington.  Prior to the date, we will obtain a discounted block of rooms, in case you would like to secure discounted lodging and we will list that information on our website.
Since 2011, a reunion committee has been meeting to select a date and locale and more importantly, make personal contact with each of our class-mates.  When we first began we had over 130 ‘Missing’ class-mates for which we had no contact information.  Thanks to many committee members, (special kudos to sleuth, Jackie Hall Wood), we have narrowed that list to 82.  In addition, we have verified the contact information (email address and cell phone numbers for 363 class-mates.  Sadly our search has revealed that 59 of our class-mates have died.

Special thanks to Janice Basile Whittemore, Linda Bramhall Metcalf, Martha Brehm Goddard, Rusty Briggs, Karen Coyle Andrews, Kate Curley, June Danielson Hatfield, Linda Dodd, Art Fitzgerald, Bob Goddard, Judi Gray Adolphson, Susan Gray Maher, Judy Hodges, Jackie Hall Wood, Tom Kennedy, Richard Jenson, John King, Ron MacGarvey, Claire McCormack Teitleman, Kathie Maguire Reynolds, Leslie Pendergast Lunday, Elaine Russo Boucher, Peggy Ward Stepner, Yvonne Westerland Casey, Lyndon Wilkes, April Works and Audrey Young DeLoffi for their diligence in making those personal contacts, finding a reunion location and previous website maintenance.
You may wonder why we have been so persistence in our search---because we plan to keep people updated on our plans via email, our website and Facebook. We do not have the money in our treasury for snail mail.
Again, be assured we will not make any contact information available on our website, which is being maintained by Lyndon Wilkes and April Works (the secure keeper of our lists) and Kate Curley, who maintains our by request only Facebook page.
Be sure to bookmark our website at:
Hope to see you at the reunion!!      

Audrey Young DeLoffi