Friday night dances at the Hayden Rec. Center, skating on the pond at Willard’s Woods ( and North St. sand pits ) and enjoying my childhood neighborhood. And, I can’t forget the April 19th parade! Anne ( Dearborn ) Ward

I have many happy memories of growing up in Lexington. One was the annual Patriots' Day Parade--when younger, you marched with brownies, girl scouts, or Rainbow Girls. In high school, it was so much fun working to decorate the Prom-Manaders float, which carried Lady Lexington & her court. I always have felt privileged to say I grew up in Lexington--wonderful people, good education system and special friends that are still part of my life today. Audrey Young Deloffi.

I don't remember much about high school - and likely most of you don't remember me - I almost never spoke up. But my fondest memories are about summers spent at Moon Hill Pool, and wandering about the meadow behind our house on Summit Road picking blackberries. Although we didn't live on Moon Hill, we were close enough, if you walked through the woods, that we became members. I learned to swim there, and spent most of every weekday at the pool, from mid-elementary school until after 10th grade when summers were at Vineyard Sailing Camp. I remember our graduation day - several of us weren't participating in the girls breakfast, so when graduation rehearsal that morning was cancelled (we did so well the previous rehearsal) we had a later breakfast at Leslie Tarbox's house, or maybe Chantal Noiseux's, then went and walked around Walden Pond. Anonymous

So many fond memories of growing up in Lexington! Field days at Fiske school we’re always fun. I loved celebrating on April 19th—marching in the early morning parade and attending the afternoon parade. We would later have a cookout back at our house with friends and family. I remember riding my bicycle or walking downtown with friends and going to Foster’s to purchase penny candy or to buy something at Woolworth’s with my allowance—in HS I worked at Woolworth’s. I remember the fun skating on Granny Pond and my summers learning to swim at the town pool. I enjoyed attending summer camp and later Friday night dances at Hayden. Does anyone remember attending Miss Merrill’s ballroom dancing classes? Linda (Hutchings) Venza.

It's hard to settle on one memory of Lexington. Here goes -- the seasons. I remember one autumn in Lexington when the colors were so fantastic, there was no need to travel to see photography-worthy sights. Every tree in every neighborhood was beautiful, laden with their yellow and red leaves. As to winter, while I was never fond of shoveling snow, I appreciated the beauty of falling snow. Spring always brought purple crocus to life along with numerous other plants. Summer is just plain hot wherever you live; the only difference is the humidity level. Paneen Bjorn

My family moved to Lexington after I finished 8th grade in a suburb of St. Louis, and we lived off Lincoln Rd. near the youth center, too close to the school for me to ride the bus for free. I don’t think I’ve ever been as cold as walking to school on cold, windy days, since we weren’t allowed to wear pants! I loved the 4th of July carnival that was held on school grounds, and kept the orange stuffed elephant that an early boyfriend won for me for years. (Yes, I remember who, but not spilling those beans!) And fond memories of our exchange student Christina from Brazil, including introducing her to her first slumber party. Linda Harrell Bair

Grades 1-6 at Monroe School. I would walk home or ride my bike for a nice lunch prepared by my mother and then somehow arrive back in class with the help of Mrs. Rycroft the crossing guard who if i recall wore a Lexington Police uniform. The ultimate authority back in those days.Talk about your Homeland Security!!! Anonymous

I was very shy and thus not involved in LHS social life. What made high school enjoyable for me was playing sports. My closest friends then and now were all associated with the basketball team in one way or another. My favorite sports memory came in the next to last game of the basketball season against Wakefield the league champion We needed one more win to make the Tech Tourney. With the score tied and 3 seconds left in the game I won a jump ball and directed the ball to “Bullets” Crisp who banked in the game winning shot sending LHS to the Tech Tourney for the first time in several years. The opportunity to play three tournament games on the parquet floor at the Boston Garden was something I will never forget. Lyndon Wilkes

Getting adjusted as a junior-year transfer student was a challenge.The kindness and welcome proffered by many eased the difficulty of my transition. -I remember (with fond shame) being run over flat by Dick Jensen during a senior year football practice. (Lyndon, you were there!) -Rollie Masssimino's "Ball-UMan" mantra became my mantra as a junior high and freshman basketball-ball coach many years later. -Mr. Schutt chucking a piece of chalk at me for goofing off (Sorry, Gail Borden) during a math class. -Wonderful friends, several of whom are still in touch, but many I'd love to re-meet if times were less Covidish. Anonymous

Growing up on Utica St in Lexington our neighborhood became one complete family. During my school years, five of us became the best of friends, Linda Doremus, Dorothy Busa, Judy Fogg, & Carol Brown. We remained friends for 60yrs, sadly we are down to only four of us as Linda passed away last year (2019). Through the years of High School we all made friends with our classmates and lost touch along the way but I am glad to say 5 of us completed the circle of life. Beatrice French Flores